Chuck - The Chair
100cm x 50cm x 60cm
Other timbers and fabrics available

They say that every designer must, at some point or other, face the challenge of designing a chair.

I have to admit that I did my best to avoid, or at least put off, that moment.
Does the world really need another chair design?
And chairs are a pain to make, especially as one-offs: so many compound angles, so many different jigs required ...
And finding the right angle for the seat and the back to make it comfortable...

But then this design popped into my head... it started with curved front and back legs
(as you can see from the drawing).
I then made a prototype and I asked visitors to the workshop to sit on it and give me their opinion.

And as I was looking at it I realised the back legs could be dispensed with -
they were not really doing anything, structurally or visually...
... and without the back legs, the curve of the front legs did not make sense anymore....

Finally I settled for a more compact design: all the components for the two side frames
are made with the same tapering jig

I asked Mel, my partner, to help with the choice of fabrics...
I asked friends for suggestions on a suitable name...
... and voila: Chuck the Chair was born

As soon as I started exhibiting the chair, people starting asking if it was possible to have a version with arms.
I thought it might work but I didn't get a chance to try it until somebody actully commissioned one:
Chuck with Arms!