In 2017 I met Mel Price, a talented and skilled stained glass artist.

While I did not know anything about her (or stained glass for that matter), it turns out that she knew about me and my work: her parents had been my first commercial clients.


We hit it off straight away and soon we were talking about working collaboratively and developing some joint designs.

Over the years I had often experimented with different materials and approaches, looking for ways to add colour and texture to my designs.

Similarly, Mel was looking for ways to direct her technical and creative skills in stained glass away from the usual door and window panels, towards more challenging and unusual designs.


Mel's eye for colour, texture and interior design (rooted in her background in art, fashion and textiles) complements well my more geometric and "problem-solving" approach to design: as ‘Melando’ we bring together our passion for good design and fine craftsmanship to create unique pieces that bring vibrant colours and elegant shapes to your home.

Melando Collection

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