John O'Gaunts Occasional Table
Aero-plywood and Sapele
80cm x 50cm x 50cm

An occasional table is a simple way to introduce a bespoke piece in your home: an original piece that fits your living room and your lifestyle.

As a maker, I often end up suggesting a glass top because, after all, most of the work in a table - the joints, the structural supporting framework - is underneath. And putting on a solid top hides it all away...

From the point of view of the clients, however, opinions are divided: it's true that glass table tops are not as easily marked by hot drinks, spillages and marker pens... but you might end up constantly having to clean greasy fingerprints off them. What do you think?

Elliptical Coffee Table
130cm x 70cm x 40cm

Tick Coffee Table
Ebonised Oak
100cm x 40cm