Swirl Again
Black Walnut, Glass, LED lights
100cm x 20cm

Another example of how a design develops.

The original inspiration for this piece came from one of my favourite shapes:
a fern ready to uncurl at the end of winter.

To be able to make this into a piece of furniture however, I had to turn it into a geometric shape that I could measure and define mathematically.

I tried initially with a golden spiral, then an involute curve...
several days later, with some modelling done on the computer and some full scale drawings I finally hit on proportions that I was pleased with and that I was confident I could replicate.

The first version in oak was very well received, but I was not completely satisfied with it:
the hanging system required too many holes to be drilled in the wall and I kept thinking that there ought to be a different way to make it.

It was only several years later that I had the opportunity (or excuse) to revise the design and have another go at it.

Oak, Glass
100cm x 70cm x 20cm