Room divider/dressing mirror
Maple, Stained Glass, Mirror, Copper, Tabu Veneers

During a visit back home in Italy, we popped in to see my aunt. In the course of the chat my aunt started decrying how, outside of the motor industry, the contribution of Turin to Italian designin all sorts of fields is often overlooked, in favour of more "fashionable" centres like Milan.
Among the names of artists and designers that she reeled off was Elsa Schiaparelli.
Neither Mel or I had heard of her so we were intrigued when only a few weeks later, in a second hand bookshop in Britain we came across her again!

Mel had already started sketching a hanging mirror/stained glass panel in the shape of a dress hanging from a mirror, but it took us some months and a lot of sketching and modelling to come to the final design.
The making of the piece really challenged our problem solving skills and technical know-how, but it was ready for the official launch of MELANDO at the Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham in August 2019!